Re-enacting the mid to late medieval period.

The society spans the period 1380 to 1485, concentrating on one of the most exciting and turbulent periods in our country's history.
Henry the Fourth usurped the throne. The Percys of Northumberland put down both Scottish and Welsh rebellions, before rebelling themselves in 1403.
The new King's Son Henry V renews his claim to the throne of France and this leads to a renewal of the “Hundred years war”.
With the death of Henry V, his infant son is crowned King of England and France and the realm is plunged into a bitter civil war, which later became known as the Wars of the Roses.

Our members have worked as extras in both film and television and have displayed for both English Heritage and Cadw at castles all over England and Wales. However, the pages of history are littered with great battles fought far away from the big castles and the society has followed the footsteps of our ancestors on the great battlefields such as Flint, Tewkesbury, Berkeley, Shrewsbury and in the far away fields of France at Agincourt.

During our own displays, Plymouth Medieval Society performs a truly colourful and authentic spectacle, so witness armour clad Knights fight at a tournament using weapons of the period. See Lords and Ladies in full court costume perform dances from the period and get a chance to try a few of the dances for yourself. Learn about history from our talks on arming a knight, weapons, fashion and our Agincourt storyteller. Or simply talk to our members at our authentic tents and try on the armour, handle the weapons, witness mail harness being made, ask about the costumes or indeed, ask about anything else that interests you.

We welcome membership enquiries from all walks of life, all ages and we are a family orientated group. If you have an interest in medieval history then you will find a place in our society. All training is given from people with decades of experience and training is held in Plymouth.
We are available for hire for local events, whether it be historical events, school visits, charity events, festivals and all other events that need entertainment. All bookings can be tailor made to suit your event and prices vary depending on what you require and for how long.
The society is covered by ten million pounds public liability insurance and all licenses are possessed for those members using black powder.

For all enquiries about membership, hiring our group or inviting us to events, please use the contact details below.

CONTACT: [email protected] (Secretary)
OR: Cliff or Helen (01752) 257684. No calls before 10am during the week and calls only between 12pm and 6pm at the weekends.
OR: Check us out on Facebook :- Plymouth Medieval Society and friends